TD Ameritrade - thinkorswim® Mobile

Visual Design, UI/UX, Animation, Prototyping
Working as an extension of TDA’s design team, my colleagues and I at Big Human executed upon numerous product experiments across iOS and Android—all with the intent of modernizing the visual design and UX of the thinkorswim® Mobile app.

iPad Multitasking
Following the latest incarnation of the iPad app, I was swiftly tasked with establishing the app’s design constraints per iPadOS’ multitasking mode. Working closely with TDA’s iOS developers, we concluded that the most narrow width on iPad would follow the iPhone’s design as close as possible—taking notes from responsive web design.

Android Modernization
Over the years, iOS has led the charge—forcing Android to follow suit. We took the initiative to explore all the various mobile features unique to Material Design to jumpstart the conversation with stakeholders and influence the roadmap for the product across both operating systems.

Feel Good Animations
While thinkorswim® Mobile has carved its own lane since its inception, taking stock of the competition in the mobile trading space was always humbling. Something the product lacked was providing users with moments of delight via animation.

Pre-Login Experience
Being part of a larger product ecosystem, the thinkorswim® product team wasn’t very familiar with the benefits of a more expressive logged-out experience. We put together high-level conceptual designs for a new pre-login, onboarding experience for newcomers to the platform.

Future State Redesign
Following a massive merger and acquisition by Charles Schwab, TDA tasked Big Human with the proposition of redesigning thinkorswim® Mobile from the ground up. This initiative sprung from a desire to broaden the appeal of the product for new and transitioning users from the Schwab ecosystem and beyond.

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