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Security Scorecard

Research, Visual Design, UI/UX, Art Direction
Between Q2 and Q3 2020, I was embedded into the design team at Security Scorecard, where I helped guide key platform initiatives with product & engineering—leading to the creation of all-new navigation and search function.

How can we supercharge growth while also improving the overall platform experience for our users?

Security Scorecard’s leadership wanted to find ways of improving their business funnel by increasing customer retention through much needed UX improvements to their existing platform.

Following an audit of their platform, I uncovered numerous issues that highlighted a lack of polish in the product — everything from missing button states to the inability to easily search for company ratings.

After working with engineering to implement quality of life improvements to the platform, leadership focused the aforementioned search function as part of a larger initiative for the next quarter and placed me at the helm.

Throughout Q3, I worked with engineering and product to build this new search function from the ground up. I worked through several drafts with insights from other teams before landing on a version that showed prominence without being distracting.

As the backend was being built, I teamed up with sales engineers and customer success managers—conducting calls with customers to walk through how they were using the product and gauge their interest in a brand new search function.

At the end of Q3, my team launched the new search function and noted increases in user activity via Pendo from the improvements we made as well as a rise in slot consumption from paying customers. Post-launch, search was further refined to show results by their popularity instead of exact string—something that was out of the original scope but often requested.

Although our initial contract had ended before we got a chance to dive into the hard numbers, Security Scorecard successfully raised $180 million in Series E funding within the next two quarters—leading them to re-sign with Big Human for multiple workstreams for Q2 and Q3 of 2021.