InVision Freehand

Visual Design, Research, User Testing
Following a company restructuring, InVision took the initiative to focus deeper on supporting project management use cases in preparation for the launch of Freehand as a standalone brand.

Where do we focus Freehand to unlock its capabilities and maximize business potential?

To strengthen Freehand’s position in the market, we began a major initiative directed towards building tools for product managers. The work I inherited through 3rd-party integrations served as a foundation for enhancing existing features—focusing on simplifying user processes, increasing data visibility, and saving users time.

Native Cards
Previously, Freehand offered a very limited native card solution. To better support task management, native cards were rebuilt to house fully-customizable attributes and allow for data communication with other entities on the canvas.

3rd-Party Integrations
Updates were applied in parallel to our 3rd-party integration cards to meet our users in the middle, whatever their tech stack may be. Jira, Azure DevOps, Asana, and Trello cards were also rebuilt to support customization and data communication with other canvas entities.

Rounding out these enhancements was the board entity, which was rebuilt to support auto-update behavior across columns for native cards and additional data views. Considerable design exploration was done around board configuration and supporting 3rd-party data sources.

Leading up to the launch of our open beta for the latest version of Freehand, I supported the creation of new templates and updated old ones. Analytics around template and widget usage were monitored daily as internal feedback was gathered to inform anticipated fast-follows.

Following the launch, GTM efforts increased substantially as existing customers sought to expand Freehand’s footprint in their respective organizations. Deeper partnerships with our top 100 customers were pursued by senior leadership, whom I supported with fast-follows to our launched features.

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