Visual Design, Copywriting, Data & Analytics
Big Human worked with the Hirsh Group to design, launch, and iterate upon a series of Facebook & Instagram ads to affect growth using analytics and real-time data for their ear training app, Chet.

How do we cultivate an audience for a product in a way that feels genuine to their sensibilities?

The Hirsh Group wanted to grow their existing audience for Chet, but they were advertising skeptics and had only promoted the app via word-of-mouth, so we took this as an opportunity to approach ads in a lean, yet nuanced manner.

We fixated on upon two personas that we figured would be most interested in using an ear training app: music students and music teachers. For students, we utilized illustrations and geared copy towards acquiring a new skill. For teachers, we used staves with musical notes as motifs and doubled down on the fun of ear training.

Shipping an initial wave of ads over the first two weeks showed us that teacher targeted ads resulted in 160% more app installs than the student ads, which performed very poorly. With that in mind, we decided to deprecate the illustrations and leaned into using more musical staves and notes.

To avoid a creative plateau, we brainstormed other directions that could be just as successful and hit a breakthrough by placing user testimonials in the ads themselves—a format that resulted in high installs and very low CPIs.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we saw a 78% decrease in cost per acquisition and an 88% increase in click-through rate in this campaign. The testimonial ads proved to be extremely sustainable as the growing Chet audience was essentially providing its own content.

Riding this wave of success, we planted the seeds for a more robust growth strategy. Additional engagement efforts beyond advertising—such as newsletters and social posts—were pitched for a continued relationship with the Hirsh Group.

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